Custom Data Analytics

As the velocity and volume of data continues to grow exponentially, enterprises have become overwhelmed with data and the inability to glean intelligence from such data to derive successful business decisions in real-time.  Customers demand full-suite, turn-key solutions that are powerful, flexible, and available on-demand in order to gain the speed, scale and insight necessary to drive their business models.  As the breadth and depth of data increases, organizations will need to deploy new technologies that enable the ingestion of data at massive scale in real-time, no matter the structure or form, and analytics to function across multiple channels. As a result, customers are looking for flexible and efficient solutions that fuse disparate sets of data no matter the type – transactional, demographic, ethnographic and behavioral – providing insights that are actionable.

Through the convergence of our platforms, CORE™ and Agile Acquisition Engine™, we offer a comprehensive suite of information solutions. Our cloud-based, data- and industry-agnostic platform, CORE, enables us to assimilate, structure, and fuse billions of disparate records to create comprehensive views of individuals and to present these views in real-time via intelligent, analytical applications.

Data fusion, intelligent applications, answers.

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