Our Company

We are a data and analytics company providing cloud-based, mission-critical information and performance marketing solutions to enterprises in a variety of industries.

Our mission is to transform data into intelligence utilizing our proprietary technology platforms to solve complex problems for our clients. Through our intelligent platforms, CORE™ and Agile Audience Engine™, we uncover the relevance of disparate data points to deliver end-to-end, ROI-driven results for our customers. Our analytical capabilities enable us to build comprehensive datasets in real-time and provide insightful views of people, businesses, assets and their interrelationships.

We provide unique and compelling solutions essential to the daily workflow of organizations within both the public and private sectors. Our cloud-based, data fusion and customer acquisition technology platforms, combined with our massive database consisting of public-record, proprietary and publicly-available data, as well as a unique repository of self-reported information on millions of consumers, enables the delivery of differentiated products and solutions used for a variety of essential functions throughout the customer life cycle. These essential functions include customer identification and authentication, investigation and validation, and customer acquisition and retention.